Wire art: the unique creations of AMIMONO

I had the chance to meet with artist Amimono at Vontron Gallery in Paris. In this meeting, not only did I get to know a very talented artist, I also discovered a very unique kind of creations for the very first time: wire art.

In our discussion, I found out that Amimono and I share a very similar artistic point of view: the mission of one artwork is to touch the audience emotionally. Of course, for different artists, there’re thousands of different ways to achieve this. For Amimono, his philosophy has evolved into two main pillars over the years of creation: minimalism and abstraction.

During his work, the first phase is always to study and analyze the subjects that he wants to bring to life via wires. The translation of a realistic scene into a sculpture of wires is not a particularly easy one. The wires are much more noticeable to our eyes than forms and lines which are also present in the real world. Thus, artist spends a lot of time to filter out any unnecessary information of the scene. At the end of the day, only the most essential information is left and represented by wires. This is the emotional core of the work.

Then, based on this minimal base work, the second element abstraction is introduced. Amimono’s abstract expression is not the common emotional explosion that we see quite often in contemporary art. On the contrary, his touch is very controlled and subtle. By including these abstracts elements, he carefully invites us to connect personally with the subject and the scene of his work. One of the most obvious examples is the lacking of facial features of the characters. Because of this “omission”, we’re invited to fill in the brackets with our own memory or imagination. In front of the sculpture, each one could see a different character who is unique to him or her.

Since a long time, he searches the balance in his artistic approach: between concrete and abstraction, between sculpture and painting. In his works, I can feel the mastery of this balance.

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