The vitality of Véronique CHANNAC

Artwork of French sculptor Véronique CHANNAC

For artists, it is always tempting to create works which represent the joy of life, the excitation and the elegance, etc. However, it requires quite some courage to depict pain, struggle and anxiety, etc.

It has become clear that our society and mainstream culture try their best to hide the “dark” side of ourselves. We shall not talk about our pain and struggles. We shall always show others a very positive image of ourselves. We shall always reply “I’m doing fine, thanks.” and so on. It is indeed understandable that humanity wants to hide or ran away from those bad forces.

But if we explore our realm of deep emotions, we can see quickly that the limit between good and bad is not that clear. When we uncover our heart, we see the presence of all sorts of emotions. Each moment, there’s emotion flowing in our heart. It could be joy, excitement, anger, sadness, or regret, etc. It is just this never-ending flow of emotions that provides us our very vitality.

I congratulate madam Channac to have chosen to show us the beauty of life in the direst circumstance. I don’t need to say anything more. You can feel it yourself when you see the work.

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