The calmness that we lost

Artwork of French sculptor Marie Thérèse PEREZ

Today, we live in a world of productivity. Everything that we do is evaluated, even our sleep. Each day, the duration and quality of our sleep is tracked and analyzed by smart devices and a detailed report is created. As if we are to provide a weekly report about our sleep to a boss of some sort every week.

With this rapid rhythm of life, most of us would want to have some calmness for ourselves quite often. However, it is clear that not everyone can afford a holiday house in the countryside, nor taking a break from job every other week. For most of us, our desire of calmness will just remain a dream? Of course not. Quite some artworks have provided us calm sceneries and soothing emotions so that we could relax and experience a moment of inner peace.

This sculpture of Marie Thérèse has taken a unique angle to give us calmness as viewer. The key here is our empathy. We’ve all seen so many artworks which depict charming scenes like a peaceful village, cozy little cottage and animals wandering in the ranch, etc. In front of these scenes, many of us could have an emotional connection and feel that we are there for real. The artist here has taken an opposite approach: a little girl is sitting on a rock. Her eyes are closed and she seems concentrating on hearing something around her.

I couldn’t see any of the environment around this little girl. But when I see here expression, I couldn’t help but feel the calmness that she embodies.

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