There’s a desert in everyone’s heart

Work of French artist Christiane NEVEU

Sooner or later in life, we will have to cross that inevitable desert by ourselves. Be it a difficult school year, an overwhelming professional challenge or emotional crises, etc. There’ll be a moment when we suddenly realize that we are in a gigantic desert.

The situation is different for each one. However, the feelings are much more similar. We feel lost, lonely and exhausted in the middle of nowhere. When we try exceptionally hard to push forward step by step, the wind starts to blow. It hits our face and greatly reduces our vision as if the situation were not wearying enough.

Christiane showed us this burning feeling via colors. On the canvas, we see a determined person pushing forward in a sand storm. He leans heavily forward to fight back the blow. His clothes flutter like a banner.

Looking forward, his vision is extremely limited. However, his determination is strong like a rushing river. He pushes on at all cost.

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