Painting of French artist Lord WK (Weisse Kévin)

This powerful painting was created by French artist Lord WK (Weisse Kévin). Each artwork has its unique way to communicate with us and we also have our personalized way to in turn interpret what we receive from the work. For this painting, I was really touched while seeing it.

All the vivid colors in the background represents the wonderful world in which we live. The contrast of the different colors shows the necessary diversity of the world that we all appreciate. The forms of the warm and cold colors show the movements like continents and oceans.

However, our vision is not a direct appreciate of this wonderful world. There’re thick black lines which divides our view. It seems totally illogical and senseless. But it is the very element that makes this work so powerful.

Artist Lord WK has taken a stand on something that we normally don’t want to see: nobody can see the true reality of this wonderful world. Our so trustworthy vision is merely a subjective interpretation of what we see by our conscious. This subjectivity is heavily influenced by many forces around us: family, school, society and culture, etc. Since the day we were born, those forces never stop conditioning us via education, moral, and values, etc. With time passing by, all those conditionings become rigid which limit and twist our vision, like this scene brought to life by the artist.

Lord WK has done an excellent job to show us visually this complicated concept very difficult to explain even with a thousand words.

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